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What is biohacking?

Biohacking is optimizing the human output with an engineer's first-principles, systems approach. This means manipulating inputs to produce desired outputs.

The end goal of biohacking is to modulate and enhance your health, performance (both cognitive and physical), and longevity.

What is the Year of Biohacking?

The notion of enhancing and optimizing oneself will be as commonplace as the notion of working on computers. Year of Biohacking was organized to inspire people to become biohackers and to enhance the human experience.

2017 is the year you start biohacking. It's time to take the pledge. Commit to tracking a broad spectrum of biometrics (from bloodwork to computer productivity) throughout a 90-day biohacking protocol, and publicly share your results with the community.

The goal here is to spark and motivate people to be more thoughtful about the inputs into their bodies, their daily regimens, and how these factors may affect performance outputs and outcomes.

Featured Biohacking Protocols

Easy biohacking protocols that are free or subsidized by Supporting Companies!

Intermittent Fasting + Gut Microbiome


Baseline your gut microbiome

Measure your baseline gut microbiome. Our bodies have 10x more bacteria cells than human cells, and a lot of them are in your gut.

uBiome uBiome is offering a complimentary Gut Explorer kit to get you started


Do a weekly monk fast (36-hour)

Start an intermittent fasting protocol. The best way to get started is with 36-hour monk fast, coined by the WeFast fasting group.

Check out WeFast for community support and tips for a successful first fast.


Share Results

Measure your gut microbiome after 90 days to see how it has evolved. Share your results with the community using the #YearOfBiohacking hashtag.

Cognitive Enhancement + Quantified Self


Baseline psychometrics

Use a service like Cambridge Brain Sciences to measure your cognitive baseline. Memory and Reasoning are especially interesting to focus on.

Consider using a brain EEG headset like those from EMOTIV to measure electrical signals from your brain.

Also consider using a quantified-self tracker like Gyroscope combined with RescueTime to track your daily activities and measure your productivity.



Nootropics are cognitive enhancing compounds. Your cup of coffee (the most commonly used psychoactive compound) is the most common nootropic.

You can create your own combinations, or get stacks from companies like Nootrobox.


Share results

After 90 days, measure how your psychometrics including response time and working memory have changed. How has your brain activity measured by EEG modulated? Observe whether your productivity, as determined by computer productivity time, has improved.

Share your results with the community using the #YearOfBiohacking hashtag.

Ketogenic Diet / Fasted Workouts + Heart Tracking


Baseline your heart health

Use a service like Cardiogram for the Apple Watch to track your typical heart rhythm. Measure your resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HVR) to get a baseline for your cardiovascular health.


Ketogenic Diet and/or Fasted Workouts

Studies suggest that ketogenic diets (low carb, high fat) and/or intense workouts while fasted improve muscle recovery time. Fasted workouts and maintaining a ketogenic diet is also amenable for your body to get fat-adapted, and provides metabolic and endurance benefits.


Share Results

After 90 days, observe how your cardiovascular health has changed. Share your results with the community using the #YearOfBiohacking hashtag.

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Supporting Companies

Take the pledge to unlock discounts, free products, and tips from the world's leading biohacking companies.
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Nootrobox offers the most performant nootropics in the world. Enhance your cognitive performance: memory, motivation, stamina, and learning.

Take the pledge to unlock an 11.1% discount across Nootrobox's entire product line up.

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uBiome’s Explorer helps you learn about the bacteria on and in your body, how they compare to others, and how they change over time in response to your biohacking experiments. Using the largest microbiome database in the world, uBiome helps you learn unique insights about your health.

Take the pledge to unlock a free uBiome Gut Explorer Kit (worth $89).

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Soylent is healthy, convenient, affordable food. We engineered Soylent to provide all the protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients that a body needs to thrive. Soylent is produced in different forms and flavors to best match your lifestyle.

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Gyroscope integrates with HealthKit and other data sources to automatically show the complete story of your life. See a complete dashboard for your mind and body on the website, and share beautiful daily, weekly and monthly reports of your life from the iPhone app.

Take the pledge to unlock 30% off your Gyroscope Pro membership.

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EMOTIV is a bioinformatics company offering a unique platform for crowd-sourced brain research. EMOTIV leverages cloud computing, big data and mobile technology to offer valuable personal insights and accelerate brain research globally.

Take the pledge to unlock a 15% discount on EPOC+ and a 10% discount on Insight.

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Brain.fm is music as brain stimulation. Improve focus, meditation, relaxation, naps & sleep within 10 - 15 minutes of use.

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Cambridge Brain Sciences

Serious biohackers use Cambridge Brain Sciences - a scientifically-valid cognitive assessment platform. Hack away, then spend a few minutes taking fun and engaging tests to get an accurate measure of your cognitive performance so you know exactly what is (or isn't) working.

Take the pledge to start measuring your cognitive performance.

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Cardiogram uses heart rate data to predict and prevent heart disease. Understand what your heart is telling you and live a healthier lifestyle.

Take the pledge and download Cardiogram's iOS app to start tracking your biometrics.

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ROUND health

Round Health makes it easier to remember to take your medicine, so you can stress less and live healthier. The app organizes all of your medications and supplements in one place, and reminds your when it's time to take them each day.

Take the pledge to start tracking your medications and supplements.

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Design your own biohacking protocol.

The Three General Components
1. Baseline Biometrics

Select a few key biometrics to track. These are specific measures you hope to modulate or enhance.

Measure your selected biometrics to establish a baseline.

2. Biohack

Select biohacks or interventions to establish a regimen that you will commit to for 90 days.

3. Share Results

Measure your biometrics again after 90 days of maintaining your biohacking regimen. Compare with your baseline to determine what worked and what didn't.

Share your results with the community using the #YearOfBiohacking hashtag.

Full List of Biometrics to Track

Consumer Tracking


Apple Watch and Fitbit have made passive tracking of simple biometrics easy and affordable. Developers have built excellent quantified-self biometric tracking software on these platforms. We recommend you check out offerings from our Supporting Companies.


Track reaction time, working memory capacity, spatial memory and other basic aspects of cognition. A great, free service to measure psychometrics is Cambridge Brain Sciences, a Western University spinout.

DXA Scan

DXA scans are an accessible and affordable way to measure bone mineral density, body composition, body fat percentage, and visceral fat levels with a high degree of accuracy. Read more on Wikipedia.

VO2 Max

VO2 max (also maximal oxygen consumption, maximal oxygen uptake, peak oxygen uptake or maximal aerobic capacity) is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption as measured during incremental exercise. Maximal oxygen consumption reflects the aerobic physical fitness of the individual, and is an important determinant of their endurance capacity during prolonged, sub-maximal exercise. Read more on Wikipedia.

Blood Ketone Levels

Measuring your blood ketone levels is the only accurate way to measure whether you are in ketosis or not. Blood ketone monitors are widely available on Amazon, and can usually also measure your blood glucose levels.

Under Doctor Supervision

Blood, Urine, Saliva, Stool

Macro and micro nutrient levels. IGF-1, IGF-3. Lipid levels. Hormones. Neurotransmitter levels. Gut microbiome. For a list of specific tests to request from your primary care doctor, see the original 90-day Biohacker Challenge.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous glucose monitoring involves a small wearable implant that tracks your glucose throughout the day and night, notifying you of highs and lows so you can take action.

Full List of Biohacks

Free Interventions

Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting (IF) is limiting food consumption to specific time windows. IF can have tremendous benefits on your health, cognition, and longevity. Learn more about specific protocols at WeFast, a popular biohacking-oriented intermittent fasting group.

Aerobic Exercise Regimens
Aerobic exercise, such as running, has positive effects on brain structure and function. One example is the generation of neurons (neurogenesis) in the hippocampus, a brain structure important in learning. Learn more on Science Daily.

Meditation programs can result in small to moderate reductions in psychological stress. Meditation can be a productive adjunct to other interventions for cognitive performance. Learn more on Pub Med.

Biphasic / Polyphasic Sleeping
Alternative sleeping schedules can improve your quality of sleep, and achieve a greater number of productive hours each day. Learn more on Wikipedia.


Nootropics are substances that enhance learning and cognition. The best nootropics have a measurable impact on your cognition with very low side effect profiles.

Ketogenic Diet
The ketogenic diet requires a macronutrient breakdown of approximately 70% fat, 15% carb, 15% protein. There are metabolic effects when the body uses ketones that affect many downstream outputs, including athletic and mental performance.

Vegan Diet
Eating a vegan diet involves completely avoiding the consumption of animal protein. There exists evidence that suggests vegan diets can lower cancer risk when compared to traditional diets.

Research Chemicals
Research chemicals are compounds that may have effects on the body and brain. Venture at your own risk, as these may not be well studied or approved for human consumption.

Cryogenic Treatment
Cryogenic treatments may have positive impacts on inflammation and recovery time after workouts.

Isolation Tank Treatment
Isolation tanks suspend your body in salt water and can be helpful for clearing the mind of stimuli.

Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation
Stimulating the brain directly with electricity has promise to enhance aspects of learning or physical performance. jkj